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Save The Environment, Make a Windmill

Trying to make a windmill on your own was not always something that was possible as a do-it-yourself project. It used to need a professional and a lot of time and expensive equipment. Today, however you can make your own windmill at home and save the environment and your monthly power bills.

Save money, Make a Windmill

The average household has about $1200 worth of power bills per year. In many areas a windmill will be able to produce up to 60% of a home's energy needs. That means that an average home with a windmill installed could see a savings of up to $720 per year. With this figure in mind, you can see that a roi can be realized in no time at all.

By gathering the requirement parts and equipment yourself, a home windmill can be assembled for less than $300. If you are not used to working with electricity however, it is strong recommended that you hire an electrical installer to come in and hook the windmill up to your house or power source. This can be very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

Save The Environment, Make a Windmill

The reality of the matter is that windmills are one of the cleanest forms of energy on the planet. The source of energy seemingly renewable and isn't going to be depleted any time soon. There are no by-products created once the wind has been converted to energy. No CO2 has been provided further polluting the environment. The only other form of power that is this clean is solar. A combination of the two would make for a truly eco conscious house power by the forces of nature.

The options seems to be quite obvious. You will see a quick roi, and lower power bills as soon as the windmill is constructed. It will make a positive affect the environment. Your time procured building a windmill will continue to pay dividends into the future. Your bank account will thank you and future generations will thank you.

Solar technology for homes is a practical, and nowadays, relatively cheap solution to lower your home energy costs and utilize a renewable, clean source of energy. Clearly solar technology is a huge benefit to the well being of the planet with the total absence of polluting residues or damage to the environment.

It is surprisingly easy to utilize solar technology to reduce or eradicate your home energy costs and in this artilce I will look at the practicalities to do so. And the topple on benefits to the environment are enormous and obvious with the reduction of reliance on ever decreasing supplies of fossil fuels.

Solar Cooking

A solar pot will allow you to cook food for up to 6 people.. with no costly inputs such as electricity and your solar pot will allow you to disect, cook and beef roasts your food. The only drawback you might encounter is the lenght of time it will take to cook.

But given that you are using solar power, and it is a free of charge source of energy, many people are more than happy to be a little patient and reap the advantages of the cheap energy and reduced energy costs.

Solar Home Lighting

Solar home lighting is created by charging cells with solar technology which stores the energy and allows you to light your home, even when the sun is not shining.

Solar Heating Systems

Solar heating systems are becoming popular and there are many companies installing such systems now. The roi is such that after 3/4 years your decrease in energy costs will have refunded your initial investment and leave you with free energy into the future.

Solar technology Facts -- Why you should Explore Solar power

There is always a need to look at other resources to give the power to things that we use on a daily basis. When we have other forms of energy, we can be assured that we won't be without anything when a natural disaster strikes. In today's world, it has been proven that we are not immune to natural really bad problems. But what are the facts of solar technology? There are so many solar technology facts that make us think that it is a smart idea. Some facts are:

1) Better for the environment

True, not everyone is as enthusiastic as Greenpeace or other activist protecting the environment, but it is vital to always think of the environment around you. Energy is a resource that is very important to have. The natural way to get energy is the best for the environment because of the different resources we save. Helping the environment helps us in the long run. Many people are cautious with this statement because they fail to see that what we do to the environment painful us.

2) Saves you money

Yes it is true, having solar panels in your house saves you money. Money that can be saved is spent when you are not using solar technology. This is because for 1 kilowatt-hour as the solar technology panels have, you can power a 100 watt lamp for 10 hours. This alone saves you money because you are not relying on a meter; you are relying on your solar technology system.

3) Powers everything

Pools, fans, small appliances, large appliances, and many other products can be powered by the sun. Having the energy that is saved in a solar generator, you can gain a lot more from the favorite things without worrying about the cost of electricity. Sometimes the cost of electricity can cause you to be indebted if you are not careful.

You need to know more about solar power before investing the time and energy it takes to convert your home into a extremely effective home. The sun is a vital power source because it is available all over the world, and it will seldom run. From electricity to water, solar technology can control all the stuff that we like to use daily. Thinking for the future is never a bad plan, especially in times of crisis. As the economy improves, you can plan better and come up with informed decisions. These solar technology facts alone should convince you to make the switch to pursue solar technology sources.
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Konten Sehat ala Blogger attayaya

Konten Sehat ala Blogger

ICTWATCH dalam web INTERNET SEHAT menulis :
Siapapun yang mengakses internet berisiko menjadi korban kejahatan cyber

Wise While Online, Think Before Posting

Berita dari ICTWATCH menyebutkan bahwa survey mengejutkan yang dihasilkan oleh Symantec menghasilkan data statistik bahwa 96% Netter Cilik INDONESIA mengalami pengalaman buruk saat online di dunia internet. Jelas ini karena terbukanya celah bagi anak untuk membuka atau men-download konten yang tidak pantas (seperti pornografi, kekerasan, perjudian). Survey juga mengungkap bahwa pengalaman buruk di internet sedikit banyak akan mempengaruhi sisi emosional dan psikologis anak-anak, antara lain merasa marah, bingung, takut, terganggu, kaget, khawatir, hingga jijik karena telah melihat konten negatif atau bahkan terpengaruh pada bahan bacaan yang tersedia di internet.

Hal ini juga berhubung artikel-artikel yang diposting oleh pemilik web atau blog baik tulisan atau gambar maupun video yang membeberkan pornografi, kekerasan, SARA dan hal negatif lainnya, karena yang mereka pikirkan adalah trafik atau jumlah pengunjung yang meningkat pada web/blog mereka. Mereka mungkin tidak memikirkan tentang anak keturunan mereka yang bakal menggunakan internet juga. Seandainya sebuah web/blog yang berisi tentang seksualitas secara vulgar yang bukan berisi pendidikan seks, kemudian dibaca oleh anaknya sendiri, anak si pemilik web/blog tersebut. Apa efek psikologis yang diderita sang anak karena orangtuanya memosting artikel yang bersifat negatif.

Merupakan hal yang sangat penting bagi orangtua, saudara atau orang dekat untuk menjalin komunikasi secara terbuka dengan anak tentang pengalaman online anak mereka. Jadilah sahabat bagi anak sehingga mereka tidak mereka takut dimarahi ketika kedapatan mengakses konten negatif. Temani anak ketika mengakses internet dan berikan penjelasan mana yang boleh diakses dan yang tidak. Beri informasi sebanyak-banyaknya kepada anak tentang ancaman dan risiko yang mengintai mereka di dunia maya, buatlah kesepakatan dan aturan dalam menggunakan internet, dan gunakan software parental control untuk membantu melindungi anak. Selain itu, tempatkan komputer di tempat strategis di rumah sehingga bisa dipantau.

Langkah/Cara berinternet sehat menurut ICTwatch :
  1. Tumbuhkan konten yang sehat.
  2. Mendukung program penyehatan Internet bagi keluarga dan sekolah.
  3. Memberikan pemahaman tentang ber-Internet yang Sehat kepada anak-anak sedini dan seintensif mungkin sejak usia SD hingga SMP.
Sejalan dengan itu, sebuah komunitas blogger di Pekanbaru bernama BLOGGER BERTUAH PEKANBARU yang dimulai oleh http://manajemenemosi.blogspot.com telah mengadakan kegiatan online yang berhubungan internet sehat. Kegiatan ini jelas mendukung Langkah 2 di atas dengan tujuan pada Langkah 1. Blogger Bertuah Pekanbaru sangat mendukung Internet Sehat dengan mengajak semua blogger INDONESIA untuk bersatu padu MENUMBUHKAH KONTEN SEHAT ala BLOGGER. Konten Sehat yang dimaksud adalah postingan/artikel/gambar yang bersifat positif dan menghapus (jika ada) konten-konten negatif yang pernah diposting dalam web/blog masing-masing.

Menumbuhkan konten sehat ini ditaja dalam GERAKAN SEO POSITIF sebagai SEO AMAL tanpa imbalah apapun, dimana para blogger membuat 1 atau lebih postingan yang berisi konten positif mengenai SMP dan ANAK SMP di blognya masing-masing dan jika mampu sekalian melakukan optimasi untuk masuk ke halaman pertama pencarian google.co.id dan/atau google.com yang dianggap sebagai mesin pencari umum.

Catatan :
  1. Kata kunci (keyword) SMP dan ANAK SMP jika dicari melalui mesin pencari google pada beberapa waktu lalu ternyata menghasilkan konten-konten negatif yang berbau seksualitas/pornografi baik tulisan, gambar maupun video.
  2. Perkembangan positif dari usaha diatas berupa penunjukan hasil pencarian di google.co.id atas keyword tersebut sudah mulai terisi konten positif yang berarti konten negatif sudah mulai tergeser dari halaman depan, walau masih ada tersisa beberapa artikel negatif.
  3. Usaha ini tetap dilanjutkan

Terima kasih untuk semua kerjasama ini.
Tetaplah mengisi konten positif di blog masing-masing.

Perjuangan belom berakhir

BACA SELENGKAPNYA - Konten Sehat ala Blogger attayaya

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Temu Kangen Alumni 4968 - TKA 4968

Temu Kangen Alumni 4968 direncanakan akan dilaksanakan pada 6-7 Desember 2008 dengan berbagai agenda. Salah satunya adalah mengadakan acara sunatan massal terhadap sekitar 200 anak yang kurang mampu, jalan santai dan acara hiburan dengan menghadirkan band papan atas dari Jakarta yaitu Wali Band. TKA 4968 ini bertujuan untuk mempererat tali silaturahmi sesama alumni SMPP 49, SMAN 6, SMUN 6, SMUN 8, dan SMAN 8 Pekanbaru.

Bagi rekan-rekan juga disediakan SMS Center dengan nomor 0813-80934169. Atau dapat menghubungi kontak person :
Firdaus : 0811751236
Bastian : 08127541731
Edi Iskandar : 08153735792
Rani : 0811765102
Fauzan : 08127580096
Sondra : 08127534912
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